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Beginners will be instructed carefully as part of the practice session.

Experienced people can play mini games.


The practice session opening date for January - June 2019 was decided.

From October 2018

Although it is limited for a limited time, I would like to reduce the participation fee.
The participation fee was revised. Please note.
For your information, we made the rate form before 2013, before Yokohama Bank Ice Arena Renovation.



From October 2018 to March 2019
Adult 2,000円
College student and High school student

※College students will charge adult fees when there is no presentation of a certificate, such as a student ID card.

Junior High School Child snd Elementary school student 1,000円 ※One preschool child is free ・ Fee for the second person to one person

※All participation fee includes sports insurance fee.


To those who participate in the practice session

Reception place: Ice link in the back of the interior 2nd floor gallery near the sub link

Reception time: 7:25 am to 7:45 am


We will accept reception even before hours, but please enter at the entrance from the beginning of the lending time.
We will accept reception even after the time, play time will be short.
In order to prepare ice make-up, putting on ice will be after 7:30 on Holidays and after 7:45 on Sunday.
Depending on the number of ice makeup staff, ice makeup may take time and play may be delayed.
Please note.


If you have already changed your clothes, please bring all the indoor athletic shoes / curling shoes and luggage and enter the ice rink room.
Please do not leave luggage, valuables as it is in the waiting room.


There are rare people who are beginners and who enter the ice as it is with the shoes
As evoked, the foot is not allowed on the ice.


If you do not keep the rules, complaints come from other ice sports organizations.
Please change to an indoor athletic shoe near the reception desk or around the garage where the luggage is placed.
Please also leave when you change your shoes when you leave.


Please indicate necessary items on application form and submit it.
This is necessary for joining sports insurance, so please cooperate.
Even if you have curling experience, you are required to fill in those who participate in the practice session.


If you are a beginner, those who come for the first time, please read this page.
To those who participate ・ Access


Participating from the second time onwards is unnecessary to contact. Please give me your name at the reception.


?If you are the first participant please apply from here


Application form download








Yokohama Bank Ice Arena


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